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How To Get Notified Via Email When An Application Crashes

I just wrote a post on automatically restarting a crashed application. But what if you working in the office and at the same time your server at home is running something important, and what if this important app crashes? Wouldn’t you want to know when it crashed? Application Monitor has another awesome feature that sends you an email notification anytime an app crashes. Of course it will restart that app but notify you via email at the same time, this saves a geek from freaking out. 😉

Simply go to Tools and select Settings.

app settings

Now under On Error section, select Send Email To Admin, and enter the required details.

email notification of an application crash

Click Save and that’s it. Now anytime your app that you have added in the list to be monitored will crash, you will be notified immediately. Enjoy!


  1. buut its not send mail wen apllication crashed..instead of sending mail wen error occur in the application program….

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