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How To Lock/Unlock Keyboard Keys Or Mouse Buttons Easily

What’s the point of locking keyboard keys or mouse buttons? It’s the first question that comes to mind. If you are using a wheel mouse like me, you will know that there is a middle button. I have pressed this button thousand of times by mistake while scrolling down webpages, so I need to disable it in some way. Kid-Key-Lock is a simple free program that lets you lock keyboard and mouse functions easily.

Once you run this tool, it will sit silently on the system tray. Double-click this program icon and a Setup window will open.

kid key lock setup

Now there is a quick way to lock/unlock buttons. Just right-click the icon, go to Locks and select the function you want to lock/unlock.

lock-unlock keyboard and mouse fucntions

When I am browsing the web or watching a movie, I usually lock the keyboard. Once done, I can unlock it within seconds. During setup, you can also choose this tool to run during startup. It is the fastest lock/unlock tool I have come across which doesn’t take much system resources to run. Enjoy!

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  • anshah


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  • Tim

    Thanks. I installed a blue screen of death screensaver on my boss’s computer, now I need to lock the keyboard

  • Neo

    Made my day.. Thanks a lot.

  • satyen kolkata

    i used it .its cool and 100 % work no virus no adware and spyware.
    best keyboard and mouse locker.
    first use then feel the truth

  • lammas

    Everytime my cat step on my keyboard I start thinking is it possible to lock the keys and fast before something bad happens.

  • Anyone know something like this for mac??


    i can’t!

  • anshah


  • ah yes, yes… now once I’ve locked the keys and mouse buttons… how do I unlock em since I wouldn’t be able to click anything? :/

  • Everett Rivers

    I have a new HP keyboard and the numbers are locked. My old Dell had a lockin the upper left hand corner of the numeric board but this one does not. can anyone help me to get the numbers working?