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How To Recover Your Accidentally Deleted/Formatted Or Corrupted Pictures From Your Digital Camera

Did you accidentally press delete or format button on your camera by mistake? Or you took a photo and later found that it was corrupted? Don’t fret yet, thanks to Ars Plus Digital Photo Recovery, now you can recover all accidently deleted and corrupted photos from your digital camera. This software is just 1.2MB in size and doesn’t need to be installed, just download it and run it, that’s all. Also it needs no technical knowledge beforehand, which means almost everyone can use it.

Run the program, and click Start which will be given at the bottom of the screen, in the next step simply click Next, it will take you to Select Action menu, there are 3 options given as shown in the screenshot below,

image-thumb14Select “Restore photos directly from memory card”, this option will be selected as default, and this is the action most of you will actually need, it recovers all corrupted and formatted photos from your camera. Do not select any other Action unless you know what you are up to.

Now click Next, and it will ask you to Select the Card Reader or Camera Drive. When you connect your camera to your computer a logical drive is created(In my case a drive named Removable Disk was created), you will have to select this drive from the drop down list as shown in the screenshot below,

image-thumb15After selecting your Drive from the list, click Next. In the next step it will ask you to Select the file type that you expect to recover, in my case it was JPG. Most cameras save the photos in JPG format, if you are in doubt about your camera then you can select multiple file types from the list.

image-thumb16After selecting the file types, click Next. In the next step it asks for the Target Folder, it is the folder where all your recovered files will be saved in.

image-thumb17After selecting the Target Folder click Start. It will start recovering you files from your camera and save all your recovered files in the target folder you selected.

The process can take from several minutes to few hours, depending on the size of your memory card, the number of photos that it needs to recover and the speed of your Computer.

Do not run any other program and do not disconnect your camera during the process, otherwise your photos might not get recovered.

I ran this program on my camera and it surprisingly recovered 95% of the photos. The other 5% were either messed up or completely empty. But who cares, 95% of my photos are back safe with me. 🙂

Any feedback or questions are welcomed in the comments!

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