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How To Remove An App From The Game DVR Game’s List In Windows 10

The Xbox app in Windows 10 comes with a nice game play recording feature. You can use Game DVR to record just about any app you want to. It is in fact a pretty good stock option for creating a screen cast. To use Game DVR, hit the Win+G keyboard shortcut. If it’s the first time you’re recording a particular app, you will have to identify the app as a game before you can begin recording. It all takes less than ten seconds to start using. If you’ve accidentally identified an app as a game and want to exclude it from Game DVR’s list, you might wonder where that particular option is. It isn’t in the Xbox app’s settings. Instead, it is a context aware setting that can only be accessed when you have the app open. Here’s how to remove an app from the Game DVR list.

There is no way to manage the list of allowed apps from one place. The Xbox app doesn’t have a dedicated settings tab for this and if that’s the only place you go looking for the option, you’re likely going to think there’s no way to remove an app.

Open the app you want to remove from the Game DVR’s list of apps that have been identified as games. Hit Win+G to bring up the game bar. Click the cog wheel button on the game bar.


A settings window will open with settings that are mostly the same ones you get inside the Xbox app with a few extra options. On the General tab, at the very end you will see an option ‘Remember this as a game’. Simply uncheck it and the app in question will no longer be identified as a game.


If you ever hit the Win+G keyboard shortcut inside the same app again, you will have to identify it as a game before you can record it using Game DVR.

If your system doesn’t meet the hardware requirements to use Game DVR, there’s a simple little app that you can use to force enable it.

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