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How To Split A Large File Into Several Small Files Using WinRar And HJSplit And How To Merge Them Back

If you ever wanted to upload and share a 350 MB file with your friends using an online file sharing service but you want to upload the file in smaller chunks. How can you split a big file into multiple chunks and upload it to the file sharing service? WinRar and HJSplit are the best applications to not only split big files in to several chunks but also to compress them while splitting.

Here are two methods to split a large file into several small files:

Method 1: Using WinRar

To start splitting, Right Click on the file that you want to split, choose the option Add to archive.


WinRar automatically assigns a name for the new archive it is going to create. If you don’t want a default name, you can change it as appropriate.


Under the option Split to volumes, either enter the desired maximum size of each file chunk or choose an appropriate size from the available drop down option. In my case I entered 5 MB for each chunk of file.


Click Ok and wait for few seconds. WinRar compress the source file and splits it in to several files.



Method 2: Using HJSplit

To start splitting the file using HJSplit, Click on the Split tab on the main window .


Now provide HJSplit with your Input(Locate to your file which you want to split) and Output(Locate to where you want your split files to be placed) destinations and enter the desired maximum size of each chunk of file.


Now click the start button and wait for a while till the file splits into smaller chunks.

How To Merge/ Join Files Using HJSplit

With HJSplit you can not only split files, but also join the split parts back together again. To start Joining you files, follow these simple steps.

After clicking on the ‘Join’ button in the main HJSplit screen, you will see the following screen:


Make sure the set of split parts (set of files ending in .001, .002, .003, etc.) to be joined all reside inside the same directory. Click on the button ‘Input file’, in the screen directly above, which will open the dialog shown directly below:

Note that only the first file in the set of split parts (the .001 file) is visible in this dialog. Note that it is important that all split parts are in the same folder. When the other files which belong to the set of split parts (.002, .003, .004, etc.) are in the same folder, HJSplit will automatically find them during joining.

After pressing Open, the name and path of the file you just selected will appear in the input file box, please see below:


Now press the Start button to merge all the files into one file.


If you think there are some other softwares that can do better job than these, let us know in the comments.


  1. dude wen i extract the rar file it says insert a disk with this volume and press “OK” to try again, or press “Cancel” to break extraction”…plz help me how to fix this shit

  2. The post is very nice. I followed your steps to split the files using winrar. Really a good article…

  3. after I use Winrar to split the file into two smaller files. The two smaller files became rar files. Is there any possible way for me to split the original file type which is a movie type and after splitting, the two smaller file types STILL movie type? The reason behind this because I wanted to post on facebook for my friends to view on the site.

  4. How do you rejoin the pieces after winrar splits them? The tutorial shows how to use HJ-split to do this, but not how to use winrar.

  5. I recommend using winrar instead of hjsplit (or other splitting prgs). Why? Because Winrar allows to save information that can help recover your files in case a segment of the splitted file gets corrupted. It can compress files to reduce size and my favourite, compared to HJ, is that it doesn’t require to put all segments of a file in same place before joining them. Also, segmented file can be made sfx (self-extractable) which also allows to add some actions after extraction.For example, u give a friend a 5Gb game splitted in a sfx 100mb pieces. He gets all pieces, runs first one and then automatically game gets extracted in a certain folder specified by u when u created that archive, then it creates all registry entries and shortcuts needed to play the game. More options than HJ has right?:D
    And btw, Winrar can join files splitted with HJ too:)

  6. Every time I try to split a file the “Split to volume bytes” box is grayed out.

    Any suggestions? I’m using version 3.80

  7. 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 thanks….

    • For the r01 type you just need to extract the r01 file with WinRAR normally and make sure all the chunks are in the same folder. WinRAR will join all the parts automatically.

  8. i have a folder with 5.43 GB n i need to split it into 2 DVD’s so how can i do that using winrar the DVD can take only 4.7 GB

    • right click on the folder-> add to archieve->enter split to value 4.6 GB -> press OK & wait….it would take seconds in winRAR or 7-Zip. enjoy

  9. thanks a ton this is the content for which i was looking for since decades…..
    u saved my dvd-DL thanx

  10. Perhaps it is just your desire to strictly use WinRar, but if you utilize open source compression software you have that option via the gui. Example both 7-zip and Zip Genius offer splitting a compressed archive into customizable MB files and can easily combine them back. This is also useful in burning backup cd or dvds archives that otherwise would require backup tapes or external hard drives.

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