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How to Stop Windows 11 Update: Best 3 Methods to Try

Windows 11 is the latest addition in the line of the operating system by Microsoft. Though people are expecting Windows 11 to appear with a more stable version, this isn’t stopping them from using this OS.

Windows 11 users have already expressed their satisfaction with the features of this OS. However, they didn’t forget to complain about one drawback of Windows 11 which is its over-frequent update.

How to stop Windows 11 update

Windows 11 automatically downloads and installs numerous updates. Users don’t even notice it unless they’re about to shut down the device and Windows forces them to update.

If you use Windows 11, you’ll also want to know the ways to stop Windows 11 update. This blog will share some sure shot solutions to stop this update.

Method 1: Stop Windows 11 Update From Settings

If you’re both tired and annoyed of getting updates that keep popping up on your screen, but don’t want to manually stop them, try this method. While this method is the simplest method, it also has some limitations.

  • Open Settings by pressing Windows+I and go to the Update & Security section.
  • Select Windows Update from the left pane and click on Pause update for 7 days.

Though this step will disable Windows 11 updates for 7 days, you can extend it later if needed.

Method 2: Pause Windows 11 update via Windows Services

Users who want to stop this update for a longer time should consider Windows Services as a feasible option:

  • Press Windows+R to keys to open the Run prompt.
  • Now, type services.msc and press Enter.
  • A list of Services (Local) will appear. Scroll down to the Windows Update option and open it by double-clicking.
  • The Properties window has a General tab. Access it. Open the drop-down menu for Startup type and select Disabled.
  • Now, click on Apply and OK to save your preferences.

It’ll disable the automatic Windows update, however, users can manually install them anytime from Settings. To turn on this option, select Manual or Automatic as the startup type after repeating the process.

Windows 11 might subvert these changes and start the Windows Update service on its own. Hence, you’ll need to always keep an eye on the Windows Update service from the Task Manager and ensure that it’s not running. 

Method 3: Stop Updates by Controlling Internet Connection

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, you can also control your internet connection and limit the amount of data it uses. By creating a metered connection, you can stop Windows 11 updates from starting automatically in the background.

  • Open Settings by either searching for it or from the All Apps list.
  • Choose Network & Internet.
  • Under the name of the network you’re using, there’ll be the Properties option where you have to click.
  • Scroll down to Metered connection and turn on the toggle button.
  • Now, move to the Settings and go to the Windows Update section from Update & Security.
  • Choose Advanced options and turn on the toggle for Download updates over metered connections.


Frequent Windows 11 updates can cause unwanted interruptions to your daily work and hamper team productivity as well. To avoid this issue, you can stop Windows 11 update using any of the above methods. If you want, you can use any lower version of Windows OS and install Windows 11 on VM.

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