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How To Use A VPN Service With The Chromecast

People use VPN services for a lot of reasons. Nowadays, that reason is so we can access more content on Netflix because the current listing it has in a lot of countries is disappointing to say the least. You will find, however, that while you can easily use a VPN to access websites on your desktop and/or smartphone, you can’t cast anything accessed via a VPN to your Chromecast.

This is because Google forces the Chromecast to use the Google DNS which, as you can guess, blocks your VPN. Here’s how you can resolve the problem.

How to use a VPN with Chromecast

Route All Traffic Through Your VPN

This will require changing your router’s settings and perhaps you will need a slightly sophisticated VPN service to accomplish this. The trick is to create a new routing network that uses a different Gateway. You have to then enable the VPN service (assuming your router supports it). We can’t exactly provide step-by-step directions here because the dashboard for your router, not to mention which VPN service you decide to use makes for too many user scenarios to address. It’s worth mentioning that this will take some research on your part to accomplish but we have other options if you want a quicker solution.

Block Google DNS

You can prevent your router from using the Google DNS altogether. Check for the filter IP settings on your router’s dashboard and block Google’s DNS (it’s Once the DNS has been blocked, the router will look for and use a different one (like Open DNS), possibly one that doesn’t block VPN services.

Cast Your Screen

This is possibly the easiest work-around there is and the choppiest. Use a browser based VPN to access whatever content it is you need to access. Do not use a VPN that will route all traffic from your desktop through a different network. Use Firefox (or any other browser) with a VPN tool to access the site and then use the Google Cast extension and cast your screen to the Chromecast. You cannot use the VPN in the same browser that you use to cast to Chromecast.

Happy casting!

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