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How To Use Windows 7 Aero Peek Feature

Aero Peek is one of the most promising features of Windows 7 and it lets you peek at the different application you’ve started. It is also used to view the desktop without minimizing all the open windows or applications. You will definitely find it useful when you just want to have a quick look at the desktop and you don’t want to  minimize all the open  windows. If you have experience of using Microsoft’s Windows Vista, then you might have noticed that when you move the mouse over a tab of a window in the task bar, a thumbnail is displayed to show you the contents. This feature has been enhanced in  Windows 7, it not only shows the thumbnails larger but every thumbnail also includes close button, you can directly close any application or window from here.

Its very easy to activate  Aero Peek, simply press Windows Key + spacebar and thats all, now when you will  point your mouse to the extreme right hand side of the task bar you can find the show Aero Peek button.

Aero Peak
Now to preview or peek, take your mouse over any open file or open window’s icon in the task bar and the thumbnail will pop up.


It not only adds a cool look to your desktop but also offers you more control over it. Enjoy!

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