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How to install an add-on in Minecraft on Windows 10

We covered a few different tutorials on customizing Minecraft UWP. This version of the app is a bit different from its Java counterpart, and so installing shaders or skins is different as well. That said, the UWP version tries to keep up with the Java version in terms of features. Like the Java version, you can install add-ons in Minecraft on Windows 10. Here’s how.

Add-ons in Minecraft

Before we proceed, you should know that a Minecraft add-on can have two different types. You need to know what each type is before you pick one to install.


This type of add-on will modify existing worlds that you’ve created. As such, to enable it, you will go to the settings of a particular world, and then enable it from there.


This type of add-on will add a new world/map to Minecraft. In order to use it, you will have to go to the Play screen and find the add-on listed as a playable world there.

Download add-on for Minecraft

You can find add-ons for Minecraft online. There’s no shortage of them but make sure that an add-on specifically says it is compatible with the Windows 10 version. An add-on that has been built for the Java version will not run in the Minecraft UWP version.

You can go to the official Minecraft website, and download two sample add-ons from there.

Install add-on in Minecraft

To install an add-on with the .mcworld file extension, double-click it. It will automatically launch Minecraft, and you will see an ‘Importing’ message at the top. Once the import is complete, close and re-open Minecraft.

Click ‘Play’ on the home screen and scroll through the worlds to find the new one you just added.

To install an add-on with the .mcpack file extension, double-click it and it will again open Minecraft. You will see an importing message followed shortly by a message telling you the import was successful. Close and reopen Minecarft.

Click Play on the home screen and you’ll be taken to a list of all the worlds you’ve created. Click the settings button next to the world you want to enable the add-on in.

On the settings screen, you will see an Add-ons section and under it, there will be two tabs; Resource Packs, and Behavior Packs. Check under both these tabs for the newly installed add-on. Select it, and click the check mark button to enable it for that world. Click Play, and enjoy your game.

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