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Join, Cut, Move, Mix, and Insert Video File In AVI & WMV Files With Machete Lite

Many Video editors consumes full CPU strength and fills the available memory buffer for encoding purposes, leaving users with no other option than to wait until the editing process gets finished. Machete Lite seamlessly edits WMV and AVI video files as per your likings without re-encoding the files, and thus, it doesn’t hog your CPU and memory resources during the process. While offering all the basic video editing tools to cut, join, crop, mix, and move the video fragments, it also allows you to remove and extract the audio out of video files and edit meta tag information.

The application allows you to save the current frame as an image at local location, insert a video file (WMV or AVI) from the current frame, and edit tags from toolbar. However, to cut, crop, and mix video files, use the respective buttons underneath the video.

wildlife 2

The status bar holds basic playback and track navigation controls. You can also use the frame-by-frame navigation keys to find and capture one specific video frame. The cut and move options are accompanied by set beginning and end of selection keys to cut the required part of video file.

The tag editor lets you modify the default meta tag Title, Artist, Year / Date, etc., information. Click OK to save the modified tag information.

tag editor

After you’ve done editing video files, click Save on toolbar to save the changes. However, if you’ve performed cut and move operations over the video file, don’t forget to click Save button underneath the video. Machete Pro version costs $19.95, supporting a wide range of audio and video formats, including, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, WMA, MP3, WAV, etc.

Download Machete Lite

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