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How to make green dye in Minecraft

Building is a huge part of Minecraft. You may like exploring mineshafts, or looking for shipwrecks, or you might just be trying to get to The End to kill a dragon but building will always be a part of what you do. Many people play Minecraft exclusively to build things and Minecraft offers them different types of blocks to build with.

Dyes in Minecraft

Blocks in Minecraft all have a specific purpose, specific properties, color, and texture. For most blocks, the color of a block cannot be changed unless you apply a resource or texture pack. That said, there is a small set of blocks that can be dyed. Common blocks that can be dyed are concrete, wool, and terracotta, collars the tamed animals wear, leather armor, etc.

As for dying them, you need to make the dye from other items mined in the game. The dye, once made, has to be applied to the block you want to dye.

Green dye in Minecraft

To make green dye, you need;

  • Cactus
  • Fuel (coal, wood, seaweed)

Obtaining cactus

Cactus or cacti occur naturally in dessert biomes. These plants can injure a player as well as other mobs but they’re easy to mine. You can break them with your hand without taking any damage. A single cactus block can be placed on a sand block and it will grow to a full-sized cactus which means you can grow as much of the plant as you need.

Make green dye in Minecraft

Assuming you have lots of cactus blocks, and plenty of fuel, you’re ready to make green dye.

  1. Open a furnace.
  2. Place fuel in fuel cell.
  3. Place the cactus in the smelting block.
  4. When the process completes, collect the green dye.

green dye in Minecraft

Apply green dye to item

The dying process for different items is different but normally, you need to place one of the item with one dye block in the crafting table. For some items e.g. terracotta, you must dye eight blocks at once while for others, like wool, you can only dye one block at a time. The same dye can be used for different items but the crafting recipe will be different. For collars, all you have to do is hold the dye and use the place item/use item action on the tamed animal. 


The dying process is normally permanent. You cannot remove the color from items like wool or terracotta but you can always change the color of your cat or dog’s collar. If you’re dying blocks to use in a large build, make sure you know what the color looks like when placed with everything else before you dye it and can’t undo the dye proecess. 

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