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How to make paper in Minecraft

Paper is an incredibly important, multi-purpose item in Minecraft. It’s used to craft books which are essential for crafting an enchantment table. You can enchant books and when used in a crafting table, they allow users to apply different types of enchantments to objects. In addition to books, paper is also used to craft maps, craft a cartography table, and make fireworks.

Paper in Minecraft

Paper can be found naturally in shipwrecks, strongholds, and villages. Villages are the only common structure in Minecraft whereas strongholds and shipwrecks are harder to find. The good news is, paper is incredibly easy to craft. It’s far better to craft paper yourself then to go looking for it in chests.

Make paper in Minecraft

To make paper in Minecraft, you need;

  • A crafting table
  • Sugarcane: 3

Obtaining sugarcane

Sugarcane occurs naturally in the overworld in Minecraft. It’s common and all you need to ‘break’ sugarcane is your hand. Literally anything that you can use to break a block can be used to break sugar cane.

Sugarcane can be found near water. It may be next to small lakes or next to the sea. It generates only on Sand blocks. If you see water that does not have any sand around it, you won’t find sugarcane there. There is a monumentally small chance that sugarcane will grow on soil but the chance is so small, you should only consider sand blocks and water sources when you go looking for sugarcane stalks.

Look for sand blocks around water, both inland and near the sea. The sugarcane comes in ‘stalks’. Each segment of the stalk will drop one sugarcane. A stalk with 3-4 segments will give you 3-4 sugar cane. The image below shows stalks 2, 3, and four segments high.

sugar cane minecraft

You can use a single stalk of sugarcane to grow more sugarcane. Plant it in a block of sand and it will grow. Once you have 3 sugarcane, you can craft paper.

Make paper in Minecraft

To make paper in Minecraft;

  1. Open the Crafting Table.
  2. Place one sugarcane in each cell of the middle row.
  3. Collect paper.

Three sugarcane pieces will give you 3 paper pieces. 

paper minecraft


Maps and enchantment tables are some of the most important items that players use in the game. Both items require paper to construct. If you’re looking to add some aesthetic blocks to your Minecraft home, you can create bookshelves which, again, require paper for the books. Paper is also used to craft banners which are another aesthetic block. Paper has been a part of Minecraft for years and is available on both the Java and Bedrock/Windows 10 version of the app.

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