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Map Network Location Over SSH / SFTP In Windows Explorer

We first came across Swish earlier this year but it failed to work on Windows 7. The latest version (0.4.1) released recently, however, works seamlessly with Windows 7 32-bit OS. So what is Swish? It is basically a Windows Explorer extension through which you can access your remote files over SSH /SFTP connection.

We all know that, by default, mapping a network location in Windows Explorer uses FTP connection which is not secure. Swish wants to change all that by making connections more secure.

Once installed, you will find the Swish icon in “My Computer”. Double-click this icon to view all secure connections.


To make a new connection, click “Add SFTP Connection” and a new dialog window will appear where you have to specify the details of the computer and account you would like to connect to. Don’t forget to enter the path, if you want root access, enter “/”.

New SFTP Connection

Now open this newly created connection and it will ask you to verify the host key before asking for the password. Once the correct password is specified, you will be logged in instantly and can start managing your remote files just like you manage your local ones.

Swish integrates seamlessly in Windows Explorer, supporting drag & drop transfer, and complete file management (renaming, deleting, etc).

64-bit OS is not supported at the moment. Testing was done on Windows 7 32-bit system.

Download Swish (Product page only lists version 0.4.0, get latest 0.4.1 from here)


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