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Move Windows Close & Minimize Buttons To Left Side Like Mac OS X

LeftSider is a small portable tool which immediately moves the Title bar buttons (Minimize, Maximize, Close) to the left side, just like you will find in Mac OS X operating system. It is useful for only those users who are used to having such buttons on the left side in the title bar.

On launch, the application will sit in the system tray and immediate move all Title bar buttons to the left side. To undo this action and restore back to default, simply close the application from the system tray.

close button left side windows 7

To make sure the program runs on Windows startup, add the executable file in the Startup Folder. Originally developed for Windows Vista, it works on both Windows XP and Windows 7.

Download LeftSider

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  • Doc

    “It is useful for only those users who…” Probably 3 people in Cupertino who miss their Macs 🙂

  • Feyfolken

    Why would someone do that ?

    • Mac users who use Mac at home and Windows at Work or vice versa. Just for their convenience. Or for left handed people 😉

  • anon

    @Feyfolken, I’m a windows user for years, never experienced a mac before. When I used a friends mac, the buttons at the left made a lot of sense – my eyes atleast, and my mouse pointer, spend most of the time in the left side of the screen – and now since Widescreen lcd’s are popular, the caption buttons are a pain to access in the right side! just my 2 cents. i’d love to be able to move the buttons to the left, like in a mac.

  • Boni

    May I ask something,?
    I want to ask , how to change the windows close button color instead of red in windows 7?

    • WeActOnImpulse

      Good question. I would also like to know.

  • Spark

    This works for other applications, but Explorer has them still on the right. Highly annoying.

  • Rolandas

    how to move it back to right side ? please help :/

    • manuel

      right click taskbar start task manager find leftsider and end proccess

    • manuel

      right click taskbar start task manager find leftsider and end proccess

  • mangatrekkie

    This doesnt work in any programs that are most used, only in like pictures, documents, etc.

  • BigMama

    doesn’t work for me in any window… :-[
    Win 7 Ultimate x64

  • Anonymous

    Appreciated by left-handed mousers.  However, won’t work for W7 Explorer (Aero Mode), and won’t work for anything in Classic Mode.  For lefties, some added development here would be appreciated to the point of a modest shareware fee.

  • Jagadishtestin

    Looks like everybody is having the same problems(its not working for all windows, not for windows 7).. hope the creator is watching these reviews and making changes for future releases..
    I would request a post from the developer..

  • Coffee Milk

    Can i ask something?
    i’m using windows 7 Ultimate 32-bits..
    and left sider worked for me..but the problem is,when i open my browser..it mess up
    i hope anyone can help me with this prob..thanks anyways~ ^_^

  • masrad

    A MAJOR issue I am having with this program is that it doesnt only move the buttons to the left; No, it moves anything attached to it by the developer of an application. Like my CS6 Suite for instance. The ENTIRE work area is flipped to the left; which wouldnt be a problem… IF I COULD MOVE THEM. It makes things totally messed up. PLEASE please fix it; It’s a damn shame.

    • manuel

      right click taskbar start task manager find leftsider and end the leftsider proccess

  • Chris Wortman

    it doesn’t work

  • WeActOnImpulse

    This is great for people who also use Ubuntu. This just makes switching back and forth easier.

  • Jovik7_MC .ytusrdatdile

    For some reason the big problem is that it does not work with chrome properly.. it just like.. ehh.. user name in chrome left no tabs and sometimes no maximize minimize and close..

  • Jovik7_MC .ytusrdatdile

    I would also like it support on Windows 10