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My SkyTop – Free Online Virtual Web Desktop

My SkyTop is a newly released opensource multi-platform portable webOS that allows users to access their files from anywhere in the world. In layman’s term, it is a dead-simple personal online desktop that was launched earlier this month.

It gives you an online desktop where you can access all your files, work on documents, send/receive email, access various applications, browse the web, and more. The virtual desktop can be accessed from anywhere either via the portable app or by launching the desktop straight from the homepage.

Once you login, you will find a neatly laid out desktop. Quick Launch is given on the left sidebar where you can add/remove commonly used applications. On the top are various menus, such as Main, Office, Web, Accessories, Fun, System, and Places.

My SkyTop

All minimized apps are shown in the taskbar. On the center you will find options to Upload files, Check Mail, and Create a new document or spreadsheet. Each menu includes various apps and features.

  • Main Menu: File Manager, Application List, Logout, and Edit this Menu.
  • Office Menu: File Manager, Word Processor Spreadsheet, Presentation, Mail Client, Calendar, Contact manager, Internal Messaging, FTP Client, Navigator(Browser), and RSS Feed Reader.
  • Web Menu: Facebook, Meebo, Yahoo IM, and Google.
  • Accessories Menu: Calculator, Text Editor, Actions Widget, Messages Widget, Calendar Widget, and Home Widget.
  • Fun Menu: Media Player, Chess Game, and Tetavex Game.
  • System Menu: Process Manager, System Preferences, System Information, and Launcher.
  • Places Menu: Home, Desktop, Trash, Public, and Groups.

While testing I ran multiple apps and it didn’t slow down the overall performance, a fast internet connection is recommended.

MySkyTop main Click the screenshot above to enlarge and check out some awesome apps

There is no limit on the file size you can upload, each file is saved on the cloud. My SkyTop is developed on top of eyeOS, but is far more user friendly. The goal of My SkyTop is to make it as easier for home users to access their files and work while on the go and takes almost all features from eyeOS itself.

While using My SkyTop I realized how fast the virtual desktop space is moving. It is yet another competitor in the webOS space and has the potential to beat out others. Most apps that work on eyeOS are also present in webOS.

Download My SkyTop

It has a desktop app for both Windows and Mac, Linux version is coming soon. You can also access the desktop by going to My SkyTop website and clicking Launch Desktop. Enjoy!

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