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Search iTunes Library With QuickTunes [Mac]

It seems as if most 3rd party applications developed around iTunes or QuickTime are for Mac only. Yesterday we covered Preference Pane that allow users to tweak iTunes and QuickTime and today we found another great tool. QuickTunes is a small app developed exclusively for searching iTunes library.

Run this tool and start searching by either artist name, song name, or both. Once you get the desired song, hit Play to listen to it or create your own playlist out of it. Yes, it might sound surprising that you can create a playlist quickly from the result. Therefore, making it easier to create an artist playlist or any other custom playlist.


Watch the video below to see it in action.


It might come as a shock but this app has been developed by a 14 yr old Belgium Whiz Kid. It is an extremely useful app for music junkies that can come handy in some situations.

Download QuickTunes (https://www.addictivetips.com/app/uploads/2009/11/QuickTunes 1.1.zip) Direct Download Link Mirror)

The website is getting heavy traffic and is down most of the time so we have hosted the file at AddictiveTips as well. Simply hit the Direct Download Link Mirror link. Note that this app is for Mac OS X only, but we would love to see it on Windows too. Enjoy!

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