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30 Windows 7 Hotkeys: Ultimate Guide

Apart from so many new features in Windows 7, Microsoft has also added new hotkeys to give individuals better control over their operating system. We have covered 30 hotkeys for Windows 7 which we believe everyone should know about. Master them all to increase your daily productivity.

Windows + Up Arrow

It is used to maximize the current window which is in focus, whether it is a windows explorer, a web browser, or any other application.

Win Up

Windows + Left Arrow

Adjusts the current window to the left side and hence the window will cover almost half of the desktop space.

Win Left

Windows + Right Arrow

It will adjust the current window to the right and thus it will cover half of the desktop space on the right.

Win Right

Windows + Down Arrow

Minimizes the windows to the Task bar.

Windows + Space

All windows become transparent so you are able to see your desktop.

Windows 7 Desktop

Windows + T

Shows the thumbnail preview of the running applications.

Windows T

Windows + P

It is used to adjust the presentation options of the display on your computer or projector.

Windows P

Windows + (+ / -) (Add/Minus)

It launches the Magnifier which can be used to zoom in/zoom out.

Windows Add

Shift + Click a Taskbar item

It opens a new instance of the particular application on which you clicked.

Windows + F

Windows + F is used to start the Windows Search.

Windows F

Windows + X

It is used to run the Windows Mobility Center.

Windows X

Windows + E

It is used to open the Windows Explorer.

Windows E

Windows + [number]

It is used to run the pinned applications on the taskbar, Windows + 1 will run the first pinned application on the task bar, similarly Windows + 2 will run the second pinned application and so on.

Windows + Tab

It will launch the Windows Aero task switcher.

Windows tab

Windows + Pause

It is used to load the system properties window.

Windows Pause

Ctrl + Windows  + F

Search for computers if you are on a network.

Ctrl Windows F

Ctrl + Shift + Click on icon [Task Bar]

It  is used to open a new instance of the particular application from the taskbar with administrator privileges.

Ctrl Click taskbar

Alt + D

It is used to select the address bar.


Alt + Win + [number]

Opens the jumplist for the applications which are pinned to the task bar.

Windows + B

It is used to shift the control to the System Tray icons one by one.

Windows B

Shift + Right-click on a taskbar button

It is used to display the window menu for the specific taskbar application.

Shift Right click Ctrl + Shift + N

It is used to create a new folder in the windows explorer.

Shift Ctrl N Alt + Up

Takes you up a folder level in the Windows Explorer.

Shift + Right-click on a file

It is used to add the Copy As Path option in the right click-menu of the file. This option copies the path of a file to the clipboard.

shift right click file

Shift + Right-click on a folder

It is used to add the command prompt option to the Folder, so you can easily open the command prompt in that particular folder.

Shift right click Folder

Shift + Right-click on a grouped taskbar button

It is used to launch the windows menu for the group.

Shift RightClick

Ctrl + Click on a grouped taskbar button

It is used to cycle between the windows of the group.

Win + G

It is used to cycle between the Gadgets on the screen.

Ctrl + Esc

This hotkey is used to open the Start Menu.

Ctrl Escap

Ctrl + Shift+Esc

It is used to directly open the Windows Task Manager.

Ctrl Shift Escape

Few hotkeys above are valid for Windows Vista as well, but no one in their right sense would give Vista a try today. Master half of these hotkeys and you will be able to save a lot of time and headache. Bonus points for those who know them all. Enjoy!

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