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Name My TV Series: Cross-Platform Program To Quickly Rename Episodes

When you download a movie, an episode of some TV series, or the complete season, the files are sometimes not named correctly. Changing the names of each file one by one can be quite a tedious task if there are large number of files present. With the wide variety of TV series available, it can get confusing for you if there are a lot of unnamed, or wrongly named, episodes of different seasons stored in your hard drive. Name My TV Series is a cross-platform, portable application that allows you to easily and quickly rename the TV series present in your hard drive. You don’t have to rename one file at a time, as the tool automatically downloads the correct names for each episode of the said series, and enables you to rename your own collection with just one click. The application can download the, move and episode, name data from EPGuide, as well as TheTVDB.com, and provides several options for renaming, such as whether to use series, season and/or episode number in the title or not.

The application has two panes, with two tabs each. The left pane has Find TV Series and Select Episodes tab, while the right pane has Series Details and Rename Scheme tab. To rename your files, first search for the correct file names for the TV series under the Find TV Series tab in the left pane. Then, select the episodes, and add the ones you to want to the right side by double-clicking each of them. If you want to rename all episodes, choose Select All Episodes We Found in the left pane, and click Add.

The right pane has Series Details and Renaming Scheme tabs. Under Renaming Scheme, add the files you want to rename, and bring them in front of the correct episodes by dragging and dropping. When everything is set up, click Rename Files.

Name My TV Series - ©2010 Hans Luijten - www.tweaking4all.com

The Preferences window can be accessed from the File menu, and offers options to choose the Data Source, manage Proxy server, create Log and Warning, and specifying file naming convention. The Filename Convention has options, such as Use Series Name, Use Season Number, Use Episode Separator, Use Episode Number, Add Leading Zero etc. Click OK when all settings are done.

Name My TV Series - Preferences

Name My TV Series is a cross-platform application and works on Mac OS X, Linux, and both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Name My TV Series


  1. FileBot is as easy to use as TheRenamer, but smarter and much more powerful. It’s all cross-platform and protable too.

  2. Does this tool have a schedule or folder monitor feature? I used to use TV rename, but it kept crashing and seems to be no longer supported

  3. Do you knew about the app TheRenamer? Is the best tool for rename tv show. Only drag and drop, and therenamer do the rest.

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