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ochDownloader: Download Files From Popular File Hosting Websites

Many users love JDownloader because it helps downloading files from upto 110 file hosting websites and it just works. ochDownloader is a similar application for grabbing files but does not support as many file hosting services as JDownloader. At the moment, it supports MegaUpload, Rapidshare, Fileserve, Filefactory, Filesonic, and Wupload, with the developer planning to add more soon. So what is the great thing about ochDownloader? It may not be as feature rich as JDownloader or even MDownloader, but it is a more simplified downloader for automatically detecting download URLs from supported files and downloading them.

ochDownloader supports automatic shutdown, clipboard detection, resumption of downloads, and session restoration. It is less resource intensive than JDownloader and has a memory stamp of 15MB, as compared to a memory stamp of 200 MB (approximately) by JDownloader (as determined during testing).

Once you copy or click on a download link, ochDownloader automatically detects the download link and adds it to the Add Downloads tab. To download a detected link, click Download Selected. In case a link gives an error, you can use the re-check option to check the validity of the link or remove it from the list. Similarly, you can change the default download directory and import containers for specifying download links. The number of slots and global download speed limit can be selected from the options located at the bottom right corner of the main interface. ochDownloader automatically saves your session when you close it, which means on launch again it will resume all downloads from where you left off.

ochDownloader 0.5.6

Although normally ochDownloader auto detects download links from clipboard, you can also manually add download links from Add Links option.

Add link

Once a download begins, the file added first to the queue is downloaded followed by the file added next. You can increase the slot limit upto 20 for simultaneous download. If you are using a proxy server, the proxy settings can be configured from Preferences (wrench and screwdriver icon on top toolbar). The downloaded file log can be analyzed from the Log tab.


Currently, this application only supports logging into your MegaUpload account (by clicking on the Start button). The developer has assured of adding more services to the download list and the container option from Add Downloads tab seems to be a step towards the development of a native file hosting system, since the imported file containers can only be of och format.

Host Accounts


ochDownloader works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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