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On Screen Volume Control Indicator For Windows

Depending on the manufacturer, some sound cards and laptops come with a eye candy on-screen volume control indicator software. Even though it can be useful, many users have no choice but to use the default Windows Volume Control options. After all, what’s the point of having an eye candy interface without any functionality?

3RVX brings not only an on-screen volume control indicator but also includes hotkeys to take full control of it. The on screen volume displays are skinnable and by default you will find 8 different skins, with more that can be downloaded from the developer’s site.

Volume Control Indicator

Once launched, the app sits in the system tray and can be set to launch with Windows. The behavior and display settings are customizable and so are the hotkeys. Right-click the system tray icon and hit Settings, here you can change the general settings, display settings, hotkeys, and choose the skin.

3RVX General Settings

3RVX Display Settings

3rvx Hotkey Setup

3rvx Skin Chooser

To add a custom skin, download the skin from the repository provided by the developer, extract them, and add the folders inside the Skins directory. To quickly open the Skins directory, navigate to Skin Chooster tab and hit Open Skin Folder.

We have posted few volume indicator skins below for your viewing pleasure.

volume skin desktop

volume control skin

volume indicator skin

What makes it a useful app are the hotkeys, hold Win key and move the mouse wheel up and down to increase and decrease the volume respectively. Win+Middle Mouse Button will Mute and Unmute the Volume.

Download 3RVX

Download 3RVX Skins

For best experience give it a shot on Windows 7. It does however also work with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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