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How to open multiple files at once on Windows 10

You can set any number of apps to run when you boot your system and with just a little work, you can also set a file to open at start up. If you need several apps and files to open, but want to manually trigger when they do instead of letting the start up event trigger it, you can use Open Multiple Files to get the job.

Open Multiple Files lets you create multiple lists of files, folders, as well as URLs to open in one go. The URLs are opened in your default browser.

Open multiple files at once

Download, install, and run Open Multiple Files. The UI is pretty simple to understand. Click the Add button and select what you want to add; files, folders, or URLs. You can, of course, select multiple files at once from a single folder, and likewise, add multiple URLs and multiple folders in one go.

There is no restriction to what type of files you can add so if you add a shortcut to an app, or the EXE of app to Open Multiple Files, it will open them all. While we haven’t tested it with a script, you can probably run those with this app as well.

Once the items have been added, you can add a delay in the ‘Wait’ field. The delay is in milliseconds and comes into effect when you click the Open Multiple Files button.

The point of the app is to help users open multiple files and folders for a specific project that you’re working on. That’s why it lets you export your list and load it whenever you need to. After you create the list, go to File>Save list into file.

Use the app to create as many lists as you need for your various projects. Any time you need to load a list, go to File>Load list from file.

This is a pretty good way to get started on your project every day but you should know that opening multiple files at once might slow your system down momentarily. If it’s a particularly old computer, it may just freeze up. That’s not to say this app will render your system useless. It all depends on how capable your system is.

If you know you’re opening files that require a resource intensive app, you can open the app first and then open the files after. Since Open Multiple Files lets you create multiple lists, you can try creating separate lists of apps and files and run them one after the other.

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