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DeskLock – Password Protect Applications Software

DeskLock is a free tool that has been developed to password protect applications and launch them using hotkeys. It runs from Windows system tray and has the ability to Open, Close, and Hide all running applications.

You can use hotkeys for two different purpose, if the application is close/hidden then you can open/run it using the hotkey and if it is already open then you can use the hotkey to close/hide it. Changing any setting or running any program requires you to enter the password.

Note: The default password is ‘2’, you can change this password by right-clicking the system tray icon and navigating to Settings > Change Password.

To add applications to the list, go to Settings > Applications. Only Executable(Exe) applications can be added.


Once added, they will be listed under Show Applications, Close Applications, and Hide Applications options. Once you have added the application to the list, it is locked down and cannot be launched unless a password is not entered.

secure applications

For every application there are three options, Hide when Minimized, Hotkey, and Transparency. In the below screenshots you can see how the password prompt window and now allowed access message looks like.

Password Protect Program

not allowed access

I have tested many password protect applications software before but sadly they don’t work as claimed. DeskLock on the other hand works perfectly and takes minimal system resources.

Download DeskLock

It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows Vista, and also worked flawlessly on Windows 7. Enjoy!


  1. i forgot my password,
    any way to reset it  ?
    even i already uninstall it, its still locked my application with the password…

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