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How to fix PS4 error codes SU-30746-0, SU-42118-6

The Playstation is no stranger to error codes. All devices tend to run into problems now and then with their software or hardware and an error message is how your device tells you it needs to be fixed. The error code that you see helps you determine the cause and fix it.

PS4 error codes SU-30746-0, SU-42118-6

PS4 error codes SU-30746-0, SU-42118-6

The Playstation shows all sorts of error codes and usually, they’re related to software. The PS4 error codes SU-30746-0 and SU-42118-6 however aren’t software problems. In most cases, these are hardware problems that your PlayStation is experiencing. The fix may be simple, or it may require buying new hardware to replace the current hardware on your PS4. 

Reboot from Safe mode and update firmware

The SU-30746-0, SU-42118-6 errors do not offer anything other than a way to dismiss the message. Once dismissed, your PS4 does not boot up. To boot it, and update the firmware, you need to go through safe mode.

Download firmware update

You need to download the firmware update to a USB. PS4 updates can be downloaded directly from the official Playstation website here.

  1. Download the firmware update.
  2. Copy it to a USB drive.
  3. Power off the PS4 and wait a few minutes.
  4. Press and hold the power button.
  5. Release the power button when you hear the second beep.
  6. Connect your controller via USB when prompted to.
  7. Once the controller is connected, select Update system software.
  8. Select Update from USB storage device.
  9. Allow the update to install and restart the console.

Initialize the Playstation

Initializing the PlayStation will erase all content on it. You’re basically formatting the hard drive. 

  1. Turn the console off.
  2. Press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps.
  3. Connect your controller via USB when prompted to.
  4. Select Initialize PS4.
  5. Restart the PS4.

Hardware problems

If the above two methods do not fix the SU-30746-0, SU-42118-6 errors, you may have a hardware problem. Have the console taken in for a check. 

  • Make sure the hard drive is connected properly and no cables/wires are loose.
  • Run diagnostics on the hard drive. It may be failing and in need of replacement.
  • Have the rest of the hardware checked out as well. 


The SU-30746-0, SU-42118-6 errors appear either when an update installs incorrectly or it fails mid-way e.g., power to the console is disconnected while it’s updating. It can also happen when the hard drive has come loose or is failing. Sadly, if the bug is caused by hardware problems, you don’t have much choice other than to replace it. You can connect the hard drive to a computer and try to back up your games or have a professional do it for you but salvaging the hard drive isn’t a good idea.

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