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Have Your PC Automatically Restore To A Defined State After Reboot

People usually treat public PCs quite recklessly. Apart from use them for exchanging emails, transferring files, browsing websites, ogling at their social media profiles and streaming YouTube content, many also carelessly install crapware over them and mess up many settings. This not only leaves various traces of their activities and unknown software on the that PC that eventually bogs down its performance, but can also cause issues for other users of the machines. Since the usage of computers placed at public locations is high, it can be quite tedious to maintain them on regular basis. When it comes to such situations, Reboot Restore Rx can be a terrific solution. What this application does is automatically restoring the computer to a custom predefined baseline so that whenever a PC is rebooted, it reverts any changes made to the system during the previous session. This gives users complete control over PCs located at schools, internet cafes, hotels, kiosks etc., while making the task of maintaining them much easier for their administrators.

Used in this way, the shared PC becomes much more easier to manage. The usage of Reboot Restore RX is quite straightforward. During its installation wizard, it asks you to mark the drives that you want to restore on system boot. This means even if some of those drives are wiped, things will get back to the way they were upon system reboot, though there are bound to be limitations here, as the areas where the tool is installed and where it is saving its data have to remain intact in order for it to restore anything, of course.

Reboot Restore Rx

You can create restore points for multiple drives. However, the application doesn’t let you create a separate restore baseline for each. Therefore, whenever you create a restore baseline, you’re locked with only one system state. After marking the drive, you can click Next to finish the process, which requires a system reboot.

Reboot Restore Rx_Drive

Reboot Restore RX then sits in the system tray area, and you can right-click its notification icon to disable its Restore on Reboot function from the context menu. I found the program to be quite limited in terms of features. For example it doesn’t allow you to create several restore baselines, nor does it let you lock the option of creating a restore baseline, making this option available to everyone.

Reboot Restore Rx_SystemTray

When you click the Restore on Reboot option in the context menu, Reboot Restore RX simply displays a confirmation dialog that the current system settings are saved as baseline. Other than that, there isn’t much to tinker with.

Reboot Restore Rx_baseline

While fairly limited in features, Reboot Restore RX can come handy if you want a zero maintenance PC that is shared among various users. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Reboot Restore Rx


  1. Hey guys I just wanted to jump in and say this video was amazing! I have been using Reboot restore rx for about 5 months now and its pretty awesome. Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a version 2.0 out now that you can download here. its a pretty big update as now with the update, Only Administrators will have Access to the Reboot Restore Rx Console to enable or disable protection making it the ultimate alternative to windows steady state.

  2. I would like to go with Deep Freeze. As the updated version of it have feature to schedule Windows update while system is in freeze state. We are using it in our school labs from last 5 years. And we loved it.

  3. Yet another Amazing program released by these guys but this time for free Wow! I have been Using Rollback rx Developed by the same company, horizon data sys, and its a Great Software that can restore my pc in seconds But Rollback rx is much much more which protects my files. This free version seems great if you just want to restore your computer on reboot. Im going to give this a go for sure on the spare PC.

  4. Well definitely the Reboot Restore Rx have been quite a thing . I have been recently introduce to it by one of my IT colleagues. Of course other than the fact it is free it is even more clean and efficient. Like Nick Markov mentions everything is done in real-time. Reboot Restore Rx is just amazing.

    • Well the whole point of using a solution like Reboot Restore is that no matter whatever changes happens to files, settings or to the OS , it can be undone. It is just perfect!.

  5. I just downloaded this today! works Great. Reboot Restore RX is like Deep Freeze but best of all its Free! Such a Neat Program.

  6. Much better cause its Free! Also you can perform system updates in real-time. With deepfreeze you need to turn off the protection, reboot the machine and then do your updates etc. – A really painful process. The developers of Reboot Restore Rx also have a PC Time Machine called RollBack Rx – which can go back to any point in time.

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