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How To Record Skype Calls With The New Native Recording Feature

Skype has been the go-to app for making videos calls, both personal and professional, for years. Users have always looked for ways to record Skype calls and the solutions ranged from simple to complex depending on your recording needs, and whether you were recording on your desktop or mobile.

SPOILER ALERT: Scroll down and watch the video tutorial at the end of this article.

Skype has finally made everything to do with recording a call simple. A native recording feature has been implemented on all versions of its app that allows you to record a call, both audio and video. For Windows 10 users who aren’t using the beta version of the Skype app, the feature will take a few more days to roll out.

Record Skype Calls

The new feature is available right now on the Skype app for macOS, and the iOS and Android apps. Since we have access to the beta version of Skype, we will show you how it works on Windows 10 as well. We strongly recommend that you read the legal warning at the end of this post.


Open the Skype app on your Mac or Windows 10 PC. Select a contact that you want to call. You can record both an audio and a video call.

Once the call is in progress, click the plus button at the far right on the bottom bar. From the menu that opens, select the Start Recording option.


Update the Skype app to the latest version. Open it and initiate a call. Once the call is in progress, tap the plus button and from the menu that opens, tap Start Recording.

Skype Recording Rules

When you start recording a call in Skype, whether it’s audio or video, everyone in the call is alerted that you’re doing so. When you finish the recording, everyone is sent a copy of it. The copy is removed after 30 days.

The recording will include all video, shared screens, and complete audio.

Legal Concerns

Before you use this feature, make sure you know what the law in your area says about recording calls. While Skype does notify everyone that they are being recording, the notification alone may not be enough for it to be legal. The recipients only consent to it by not exiting the call. Additionally, it may also be illegal to record calls regardless if everyone consents to it, and knows they are being recorded. If you’re making the recording for a legal purpose, make sure the circumstances in which you record it allow for it be of use to you later on.

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  1. I tested this Skype recording feature earlier today and was quite disappointed with the quality. It recorded at a resolution of 1080p and a bit rate of 1Mbps. There was also no option to set the recording to not record in split screen.

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