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How To Change The Search Engine In Windows Search On Windows 10

The search feature on Windows 10 includes web search. Since it’s a stock feature, it uses Bing and sends all search queries to Edge because they are both owned by Microsoft. There’s no setting that allows you to change the search engine that is used, and you have to use an app called EdgeDeflector to force Windows 10 to open the search in your default browser. To get Windows search to use a different search engine and your default browser you have to use the EdgeDeflector app with an add-on or extension in your browser that can redirect searches from Bing to Google. SearchDeflector is a refined version of EdgeDeflector that allows you to change the search engine in Windows search and also set which browser it should use.

SPOILER ALERT: Scroll down and watch the video tutorial at the end of this article.

This app gives users more options both in terms of which search engine they can set in Windows search, and which browser they can use. Generally speaking, apps and extensions that do this target Google as the search engine and work only for Chrome and Firefox. If you use a different browser like Opera, you may not have much choice.

Search Engine In Windows Search

Download and install SearchDeflector. During the installation process, a Command Prompt window will open asking you to pick which browser it is you want to use to display search results. The options include Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer however, you can also specify the path to the EXE of whichever browser you use. This means you can use virtually any browser, no matter how obscure and niche it is.

Once you’ve selected and confirmed which browser you want to use, you have to select the search engine. The listed options include Bing, Google, Yahoo, and Github but you can also specify any other search engine you use by entering its search URL via the custom URL option. Again, this means you can use any search engine in Windows Search.

Once you’re done, the app will confirm the parameters you’ve set. If you ever want to change them again, you have to run the app’s EXE file and change your options during the setup process.

The app works great on the current version of Windows 10 i.e., 1083 however, the next major feature update is not far from being released and this functionality might break. The app is under active development though so you can count on it being made compatible with the new version in case anything does break.


  1. Thanks for the article! Just a quick tip, you don’t have to run the installer again to change your options. There is a shortcut in your start menu apps list under the folder “Search Deflector” named “Configure”. You can just run that and change your options.

  2. It’s unclear to me where in Windows 10 this works. I want it to work in the Cortana search bar, but that doesn’t seem to be where it’s designed to work. If it doesn’t work there, where does it work? I’m pretty sure I’m missing something obvious.

  3. I’m almost looking forward to 2011. No more thinking Windows 10 (stress 10) and coming up with 1083 instead of 1803.

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