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Remove Junk Windows Startup Entries With MSConfig CleanUp Utility

Remember the awesome guide we wrote back last year explaining an easy way to manage your startup programs, thus improving system performance. Well here is the problem, once you disable a startup program it will remain there forever in the list. To remove the clutter from the registry and to remove the useless program from the list of startup programs once and for all, someone has finally come forward with a solution.

MSConfig CleanUp Utility is a free tool for Windows that allows you to remove useless and junk programs from the list of startup programs. Once you have installed this program, run it and you will find all disabled startup programs in the list on the main window. Select the ones that you want to permanently remove and click Delete.

msconfig cleanup utility

You can also go to Folder and Services tab to remove Disabled Startup Folder Items and Disabled Startup Services respectively.

msconfig remove startup, folders, and services

Note: Once you have deleted the already disabled startup entries, you cannot recover them back. The process is irreversible.

It works on all versions of Windows.

Download MSConfig CleanUp Utility



  1. you say “It works on all versions of Windows” – but in Windows 7 it insists there are no items to clean up, even if your msconfig is full of old entries.

    • My search as of Nov. 16, 2011 to find an update for this program shows me that the creators of that tool no longer maintain it and have even let their website domain names lapse without renewing the registration. I didn’t bother to find out when they abandoned this project or how long ago their domain names lapsed.

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