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Batch Compress Files/Folders In UPX, ZIP, Or 7z Format

If you are looking to batch compress  files and folders or decompress archives without installing a software, ArcThemAll will do the job. It is a free portable tool for Windows that can compress(also decompress) files and folders to three important formats, upx, zip, and 7z.

To compress a file, first select the files and folders, then select the output and the operation(compress), and finally select the format and compression level. Once ready, click Go and you are done.

arcthemall compress files and folders

To decompress all you have to do is to change the mode of operation to Decompress, that’s all. Note that the options during decompression are different, to decompress zip or 7z formats you will select archive as shown in the screenshot below.

arcthemall decompress archive

You can also encrypt a zip or 7z archive by going to Options. Apart from it there are tons of General and UPX options to tweak.

archive encryption option

Overall, it is quite a handy tool for quick compression or decompression on the go. It works on all versions of Windows.

Download ArcThemAll



  1. I'm looking for a BATCH to do it not a portable you should take out this BATCH in the title so ppl won't waste time here

    • Your comment makes no sense. Batch is a perfectly normal english word that doesn’t necessarily refer to a batch file.

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