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How To Set Volume By Time Of Day On Windows 10

Your activities vary throughout the day. Depending on your routine and the nature of your work, you might be working during the earlier hours of the day, or you might prefer the later hours of the night for work. If you work with audio files, or just like to listen to music while you work, your sound profile may vary for different times of the day. There are tools that let you set volumes for apps or for specific devices. Speaker Locker is a Windows app that lets you set volume by time.

SPOILER ALERT: Scroll down and watch the video tutorial at the end of this article.

Set Volume By Time

Download Speaker Locker and run it. It comes with four time slots already set up. The time slots allow you to set the start and end time for when the volume level will activate and deactivate. Each time slot comes with arguments for setting the volume level. The volume level can be set to equal, less than, or greater than the level you’ve set.

With the exception of the ‘Exactly’, the greater than and lower than arguments let you change the volume level between the one you’ve set. For example, if you’ve set the volume level to be less than 50%, you can set the volume to anything between 0 and 50%.

The application also comes with password protection which means that not just anyone can disable the app, change the time slots, or edit the volume levels. The default password is set to 12345 and this is displayed when you run the app which is why you should change it right away.

Speaker Locker is useful but it isn’t free. The app costs $5, which isn’t much especially if it does what you need it to. It comes with a fifteen day trial so you can try it before you decide if it’s worth the price or not. The app minimizes to the system tray, and is able to run on system startup. You can configure up to five different time slots for the volume, and you can set a slot to be muted if need be.

Windows 10 has made some improvements with respect to the volume control it offers. The volume mixer that was a part of older versions of Windows is great in itself but there’s no way to schedule sound like Sound Locker can.

If you need a way to automatically mute your system when you disconnect your headphones, we’ve got a little script that can do just that. Since it’s a script, it’s a free solution.

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