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Set Your Focus On One Task Or Project With focus booster

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foocus booster (fb) is a small Adobe Air application which implements pomodoro technique to let you focus on one task or project at a time. Pomodoro is an efficient time management methodology coined by Francesco Cirillo to let people consider the worth of time as it passing by while working on some important  task. focus booster brings the same technique for users who struggle with organizing time in an efficient manner.  Even though the pomodoro technique can be deployed virtually, it allows user to not only keep track of time but let them specify break length with an option to set alarms to achieve the task in defined timeline.

The application just requires you to enter the session time. Before starting out the timer, click small info button to set break alarms, toggle ticking sound On/Off, timer’s finishing behavior, etc. Once done, click the play button to start the countdown.

The application will come quite handy for user who gets distracted easily while working on important tasks. Ticking sound will also remind you getting work done in tight schedules. It runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows OS platforms, provided you have Adobe Air installed. Testing was done on both Mac 10.6 and Windows 7 x64 systems.

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