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Snoo: Windows 8 Reddit Client With A Tile-Based UI

Reddit has induced a never-ending addiction among social networking and media sharing aficionados, and has pretty much become an everyday internet chore. It’s a great portal to discuss and share anything you want, irrespective of any particular subject. In December 2011 alone, the social news site served almost 2 billion page views to 35 million visitors, which is quite an achievement for a social site other than Facebook. The folks behind this web juggernaut recently proclaimed the first Reddit Windows 8 client, the Snoo. Even though the app, as of now, is in its early stages, it still feels quite snappy and polished, and fully sports Windows 8 Modern UI. It provides an easy way to peek at everyday hot stories on Reddit and score your upvotes and downvotes, without firing up your web browser. The application includes almost all the functions that one would need to fiddle with Reddit.

Snoo is available at Windows Store. To download the app, simply open the Windows Store and type “Snoo” to search for it. After the search result is displayed, you can access the app’s main Store page.

Snoo_Windows Store

Obviously you’d need a Reddit user account in order to use Snoo, so if you don’t have one, better make it first before you launch the application. Once done, input your user name and password on login screen and click sign in.

Snoo_Windows 8_Sign In

The app sports an enticing interface with a light blue design and Windows tile-like controls. The home page of Snoo comprises the latest hot stories shared by people all over the web. Simply tap or click any tile to access the full content.

Snoo_Windows 8

The menu bars pop up upon right-clicking the mouse anywhere on the interface. The upper bar holds your username, as well as lets you know about your total comments and links. To the top left, there are Subreddit, me and messages buttons. You may also sort the stories by hot, new, controversial and top from the drop down menu present at the bottom. The bottom bar also houses Refresh and submit.

Snoo_Windows 8_Menu

Clicking submit slides in a vertical pane to the right, where you can enter the title and URL of the link that you want to share.

Snoo_Windows 8_Submit

Snoo lets you view the shared content, such as images and web pages, without leaving the application. If a link is not supported, you can instantly launch it in the web browser as well. To vote on the content, right click on the UI and click upvote or downvote buttons at the bottom. The bottom bar also displays total score of media and total ups and downs, should it have received any .

Snoo_Windows 8_View

Snoo is an excellent Windows 8 app for Reddit, and would surely find a place on your Start Screen even if you’re not a frequent Reddit user.

Download Snoo

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