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Songr – Download & Play Free Mp3 Music From Windows Desktop

Songr is an awesome desktop music search engine developed for Windows. It allow users to search and download any mp3 music with a click of a button. It crawls 10 different music search engines and list all results in a simple window. Yes, you can now download music without using any peer2peer(p2p) apps which are full for adware and spamware.

So how does it work? Just type in the music or artist name and it will display all results immediately along with other useful information such as, Duration, Bitrate, Size, Search Engine, and Relevance. After selecting the song you have an option to either play it or download it.

If you select Play, it will open Windows Media Player and start playing it instantly. If you want to download it, select Download, specify the output destination and hit Save.


One feature that stands out is the ability to search the song by lyrics. Simply enter any lyric and it will search the song that includes the defined sentence.

Songr Lyric Song Search

It also has a build-in YouTube audio and video downloader. Simply launch it from Files menu and then enter the video URL. Finally select the output format and destination and click Save. You can save the YouTube video in HD quality in the following formats – mp3, avi, and mpg.

Download video from youtube

Want to give it a shot, hit the link below to grab it now.

Download Songr

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

via FreewareGenius

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