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Spotflux: Encrypt Internet Traffic, Access Blocked Websites & Remove Ads

When browsing through the massive, never-ending universe of the world wide web, we often come across various visible and hidden threats in the form of viruses, malware, keyloggers etc. One way to counter these threats is to use an updated antivirus program and keep your firewall active at all times. However, sending and receiving data over an unsecured connection still continues to be a security threat. Previously, we covered an application called TrafficLight that keeps your computer safe by continually scanning the internet traffic and blocking almost all possible vulnerabilities and potentially harmful elements. Today, we have a relatively advance traffic monitoring application called Spotflux. It provides you with an encrypted connection, malware and virus protection, open and unrestricted access to blocked content, and a private, ad-free browsing experience. Keep reading past the break for further details.

When you start Spotflux, an encrypted and secure tunnel is set up. All your internet traffic is sent through the punctuation filters of Spotflux in order to clean it off from malware, privacy invading tracking cookies and advertisements. The result is a secure and encrypted connection that not only protects your privacy, but also prevents you safe from virus and malware Spotflux continuously scans and protects your internet traffic from inbound threats and gives you a highly-secured, ad-free browsing experience. Although it works as a VPN service by encrypting the internet traffic and allowing you to view blocked or restricted content, it is not exactly a VPN service. According to the product page, Spotflux leverages secure tunneling as part of it’s over-all solution.

Using the application is simple; it does not confuse you with a lot of configuration consoles. After installation, just Enable the application and the rest will be automatically taken care of.

Spotflux Enable

The Settings dialog box (accessible from the top-left corner of the main window) allows you to specify general application behavior and configure proxy settings. You can choose to hide main window at startup and enable/disable warning messages and tray notifications.

spotflux Settings

Since all your internet traffic is encrypted and sent through the Spotflux cloud, you might feel the browsing experience to be a little slower. Considering the usefulness of this software, this is a very small cost to pay for safe and private internet usage. In our experience, AddictiveTips failed to load only once during all testing.

spotflux warning - Google Chrome_2012-04-19_11-43-03.png

Below you can watch a video that explains how Spotflux works, and how it secure your internet traffic.

Currently, Spotflux is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. The mobile version is in works, and will be available soon.

Download Spotflux


    • Ads filtered by Spotflux, uhm i don’t see how we could set exceptions since all the information is relaying through their servers. I think it’s done via their technology. At present their app doesn’t have an option for allowing ads.

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