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Spotify Playlist Generator Creates Playlists Based On Your Favorite Artist

Playlists, once created are the easiest way to listen to your favorite tracks; whether you’re jogging, working or trying to get inspired, you always have a set of songs ready for the occasion. What can sometimes be a pain is of course creating a playlist especially if you’ve grown tired of the ones in your current list and are looking for something new but similar. Spotify Playlist Generator is a desktop application that creates playlists for Spotify based on a single artist of your interest.

Spotify Playlist Generator

To create a playlist, type in an artist’s name and hit Generate Spotify Playlist and wait for the application to generate a complete list. It uses Last.fm to find songs that are similar to the artist name you’ve entered. Once complete, you can select all or just a few of them and copy and paste them to Spotify. Alternatively you can also drag & drop your selection on to your Spotify playlist.

Spotify Playlist

The application only creates playlists based on the Artist name you enter and not based on a song or genre. The application is currently only available for Windows.

add to spotify

Download Spotify Playlist Generator

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