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Take Screenshot Of Any Website At Fixed Time Intervals With SiteShoter

There are various methods to take screenshot of a website, among them include add-ons for Firefox. But not everyone uses Firefox browser, or do they? What if you want to take screenshot of the website every hour, or every 5 minutes? Or what if you want to take the screenshot without the main scrollbar, javascript, or flash?

SiteShoter is a free standalone portable tool for Windows that can take screenshot of any website instantly and save it to an image file. All you have to do is enter the website URL, select the output destination, set some web browser options, and select the image size and quality.

siteshoter main

You can also take screenshot of any URLs file, apart from it you can also define the custom width and height of the screenshot. There are three important options: Disable Main Scrollbar, Disable JavaScript, and Disable Flash. These options will determine the screenshot output. To take multiple screenshots at every defined time interval, check the last checkbox and select the time.

You can also save the configuration, so that you can load it next time and save the headache of having to type all values again. It works on Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows Vista. Enjoy!


  1. 2014 – 22 December: Hi, I am looking to regularly grab a screenshot of a page which has a webcam image embedded in it and driven using flash (and JWplayer), All I seem to get is the static content when I do a screen capture, the webcam element is blank!

    ……. anything that will do the trick (Win 7 without admin rights)

    • I have the same problem. Seems to be something to do with the latest flash versions. It used to work up till about 22 Dec 2015 then blank…

  2. Here is the question, I need to take a screenshot for every one hour and will the screenshot be over written each time when used for 10 hours?

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