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How to tame a cat in Minecraft

Minecraft has plenty of neutral mobs and some of these mobs can be tamed in the game. Once tamed, the neutral mob becomes friendly towards the player. Depending on the type of mob, it will either defend the player or help it gather some sort of resource or offer protection.

cats in minecraft

Cats in Minecraft

Minecraft originally had Ocelots which a player tamed to get a domesticated cat. With recent updates, cats are now an official mob. Ocelots are still found in jungle biomes but you don’t need to tame one to get a cat.

Cats are found in villages and come in all sorts of variations; the common tabby pattern, the tuxedo cat, ginger cats, calicos etc. Creepers and Phantoms are afraid of cats and that alone is a great reason to have them. Cats in Minecraft purr. Two cats can mate and have kittens.


Tame a cat in Minecraft

To tame a cat in Minecraft, you need to feed it fish. Fish are easy to get but you will need time and a fishing rod to do the job. 

Craft fishing rod

To craft a fishing rod, you need;

  • Three wooden sticks (any wood type)
  • Two string (obtained by breaking cobwebs or killing spiders)

Note: to break cobweb, use sheers. They can be crafted with two iron ingots. Cobweb are found in caves and mineshafts. 

Once you have the materials you need, you can craft a fishing rod.

  1. Open the crafting table.
  2. Place a wooden stick in the last cell of the first row.
  3. Place a wooden stick in the second cell of the second row.
  4. Place a wooden stick in the first cell of the last row.
  5. Place a string in the last cell of the second row.
  6. Place a string in the last cell of the third row.
  7. Collect the fishing rod.

Catching fish in Minecraft

You’re ready to start fishing. Take the fishing rod to any nearby water source. It’s best to find the open sea but the little streams and lakes you see will do.

  1. Right-click/place action at the water source while holding the rod to launch the reel.
  2. Look closely at the water and the point where the reel disappears under water.
  3. When you see bubbles appear and swim towards the reel, it means you’re about to get a bite.
  4. When the reel head is pulled below water, right-click/place action again.
  5. Whatever you’ve caught will be added to your inventory.

Note: when fishing, you’re mostly going to catch fish however, you may occasionally pull up other items e.g. boots, bowls, glass bottles, books, pufferfish etc. 

How to tame a cat in Minecraft

Collect at least 10 fish. It should either be raw cod or raw salmon, both are common. Locate a village and approach a cat. You must keep some distance or it will run off. Make sure you’re holding fish because the cats in Minecraft are all food motivated. Once you have a cat’s attention, right-click/place action on it to feed it the fish. 

Repeat until you see hearts coming from the cat. The cat will get a red collar. It is now tamed and will follow you around. Make sure to keep it fed.

tame cat in minecraft


Cats will be attacked by wolves but they will also attack chickens, rabbits, and baby turtles. They’re great to have around but you should make sure that your chickens are protected.

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