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TenClips – Copy Multiple Text Items To Clipboard

TenClips is a free clipboard utility that makes copying of up to 10 items possible. It solves two common problems:

1. If you are working on a document and want to paste multiple quotes quickly without having to copy them one by one. Or when you are coding and want to paste up to 10 different codes frequently using various hotkeys.

2. When you copy a text from a website or document and paste it elsewhere, the formatting is copied too. To solve this problem one usually has to paste the text in a notepad and then copy it again towards the destination. TenClips solves this problem since it copies all text without formatting.

To set the hotkeys, right-click the system tray icon and select Settings.


The usage is dead-simple:

  • As usual, press Ctrl + C to copy to the current clipboard.
  • As usual, press Ctrl + V to paste from the current clipboard.
  • Press Ctrl + 1 to Ctrl + 0 to switch between the ten clipboards.
  • Press Win + V to paste in purified text.
  • Press Win + Num * to paste in uppercase purified text.
  • Press Win + Num / to paste in lowercase purified text.

Note that these hotkeys can be changed(customized) from the settings. If you want to clear all clipboard, simply double-click it’s system tray icon. You can also perform the operation is a mouse by selecting different clipboards from the system tray menu.

TenClips Clipboard

There are two features that I personally like in this tool, one that allows you to paste in purified text and one that allows you to paste in either uppercase or lowercase purified text. So what is the different between copying normal text and purified text? Normal Copy copies the formatting as well while the Purified Copy does not copy the formatting.

Download TenClips

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 only. Enjoy!


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