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Texmaker Is A Free Cross Platform LaTeX Editor

LaTeX is a document markup language and preparation system for the TeX type setting program. In order to create a document in LaTeX, a .tex file has to be created using a supported text editor. Texmaker is an open source and cross-platform LaTeX editor which provides many integrated features which can help develop documents with LaTeX. These include, unicode support, spell checking utility, auto-completion, code folding and a build-in PDF viewer with synctex support. The main LaTeX commands can be inserted while typing. It includes a structure view which is automatically updated as you type.  You can easily work with documents separated in several files with the master mode. Texmaker wizard can be used to generate the most standard LateX code, ‘Quick document’, ‘Quick letter’, tabular, tabbing and array environments. The created documents can be saved in  TEX, BIB, STY, CLS  and MP formats.


The Quick Tabbing feature can be accessed from Wizard menu, from where you can define the number of columns and rows which may be required. The error handling feature automatically locates errors and warnings from log file after a compilation.

Quick tabbing

Click on the Structure button at the bottom of the interface to analyze and edit the structure of the entered code. The toolbar on the left side contains font management and other editing options such as alignment of the text (left, right and center), sub-script, script, super script, frac and square root options.

Texmaker provides custom configuration features for easily identifying different kinds of characters within a code. You can configure Texmaker settings from the Options menu, from where font size, font type, custom colors for math, command and keywords can be edited.

Watch the video below for more information.

Texmaker works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux based OS (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian “Squeeze”, Open Suse and Mandriva).

Download Texmaker

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