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TheGun – Open Large Text Files

Do you have a text file that is bigger than 100MB or 1GB in size? It is not too uncommon, a busy server log can be more than 1GB in size. So the question is how can we open such a large text file?

The sad part is that notepad would crash even in Windows 7, so you have two options left, either split the file or open it using various text editors. For splitting text files we would recommend going for Simple Text Splitter, but most users would rather opt for opening the text file than splitting it.

The following 4 text editors will work wonders and can easily open large text file without any problem.

  1. gVim
  2. Emacs
  3. EmEditor
  4. TheGun

Your choice would vary, but these four editors are the best we have come across. In my opinion, TheGun is the most flexible, lightweight, portable, and minimalist text editor ever build. It can handle any large text file and is only 6Kb in size.

TheGunTheGun is the type of text editor which is not too commonly known to the people. For it’s size and minimalist UI, it is something every developer/webmaster should look for.

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