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Thunderbird 3: Resize Image Attachment Before Sending An Email

Shrunked is a dead-simple add-on for the upcoming Thunderbird 3 desktop client that allow users to shrink the attached images by resizing them before sending an email. This helps in speeding up the process and your email gets send faster.

A great add-on for those users who are on limited internet connectivity or have a slow connection. Just attach the images like you normally do, hit Send and it will show a popup window asking you to choose the maximum size of your photos.

Shrunked options

Choose the new dimension and hit OK. It will first resize the images and then send them to the recipient. It is a small add-on but has huge impact on those who are on a slow connection.

Shrunked Add-on For Thunderbird 3

At the moment, you can give it a try with Thunderbird 3.0 beta 2. It works with Thunderbird 3.0 RC1 as well. The developer plans to add Thunderbird and SeaMonkey support to the Firefox version of Shrunked. That add-on can be found at https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/11005


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