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How To Theme The Command Prompt In Windows 10

The Command Prompt in Windows by default shows white text on a black background. It has options for changing the color of the text as well as that of the background. Users can change the background color and test out text colors to see what works best, or they can use Microsoft’s Console ColorTool to theme the Command Prompt.

Custom Theme

To create a custom theme for the Command Prompt, open Command Prompt and right-click the title bar. Select Properties from the context menu. On the Properties window, go to the Colors tab.

The Colors tab lets you set the screen text color, background color, popup text color, and popup background color using RGB values of the color. Select the item you want to set the color for and then enter the RGB values for the color you want to set. You can get RGB values from Paint on Windows 10. Just open an image that you like the colors of and use the color picker tool to pick a color, or select a color from the default color wheel in Paint.

You can manage the opacity of the Command Prompt’s background using the slider at the bottom.

Click OK to apply the change.

Microsoft ColorTool Themes

If you don’t have the time and energy to spend figuring out a color theme for the Command Prompt you can use Microsoft’s free ColorTool to theme the Command Prompt.

Download ColorTool, and extract it. Open Command Prompt and navigate to the folder you extracted the tool to. The extracted folder has another folder with themes in it that you can apply.

Use the following command to apply a theme.


colortool ColorSchemeName


colortool solarized_dark

You can use additional switches with the tool to write a theme to the defaults, and to apply it to the current window as well. The -d switch will write to defaults, while the -b switch will write to defaults and change the theme of the current window as well.

There are some custom themes available outside what ColorTool provides you but you’re going to have to search for them. Not a lot of people create themes for the Command Prompt since everyone has their own preference.

If you decide to search for more themes, look for .itermcolors in your Google search. That is the file extension that a theme for the Command Prompt saves with. You’ll find a reasonable number made for macOS but they’ll look just as good on Windows. Not all of them will work on Windows so that does limit your choice and if you’re unable to find something you like, you can still make a custom theme.

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