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How To Hide Subreddits From r/all

The front page of Reddit i.e. r/all features content that’s upvoted in the default subreddits. Default subreddits are defaults based on the number of subscribers they have. They’re usually general topic subreddits like r/funny, or r/technology but not all default subreddits are of equal interest which is why you might want to hide subreddits from r/all.

There are two ways to hide subreddits from r/all; the easy and free way, and the easy but costs money way.

Hide Subreddits

The free way to hide subreddits from r/all is to use an extension called Reddit Enhancement Suite. It’s an exceptionally popular Reddit extension that we’ve also featured in our list of best extensions for Reddit. It can, among other things, hide any subreddit of your choice from r/all.

Install Reddit Enhancement Suite, and go to its options. The options are rather extensive. From the column on the left, select Subreddits. Under this section, select the FilteReddit option. On this panel, scroll down to the subreddit section and click +add filter to enter the name of the subreddit you want to filter out i.e., hide.

Additionally, if you’re trying to avoid Reddit posts about a certain topic but don’t necessarily want to block out an entire subreddit to avoid said news, you can use filter words to make sure the posts don’t show up on r/all when they’re inevitably upvoted to the top. This is an unfortunate problem with Reddit; a major world event sprouts multiple posts on the exact same topic in multiple subreddits. They almost all get voted to the top so that the front page is more or less about the same thing.

Reddit Enhancement Suite is available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer so if you Reddit from your desktop web browser, you’re probably covered.

If you use a third-party app to Reddit, check to see if it has filtering options. Most Reddit apps usually do. Reddit Enhancement Suite isn’t the only extension that has this feature so if you’re looking for something less extensive, you’ll be able to find one pretty easily.

The second options, as mentioned earlier costs money and that’s to buy Reddit gold. The premium Reddit option has additional features one of which lets you hide subreddits from r/all.

For mobile users, an extension or add-on isn’t going to be an option but that doesn’t mean you have to buy Reddit gold, or make an exceptionally witty or well-timed comment that someone will reward with gold. There is no shortage of third-party Reddit apps for either iOS or Android that can fill the gap. They’re usually free or cost $5 or less.

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