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Tweak Windows Prefetch(XP) And Superfetch(Vista)

TweakPrefech is a simple utility for Windows that lets user tweak Windows XP’s Prefetch and Windows 7’s Superfetch. So what exactly are Prefetch and Superfetch?

In Windows XP Microsoft  introduced Prefetch which helped programs load faster by caching the programs in the memory. It  reads the user’s behavior and cache the most used programs in the memory, thus  speeding up the launch the next time you use the program. Superfetch was introduced  in Windows Vista  and is a more advanced version of Prefetch.


Just launch the program and it will load up instantly. It has the following options:

  • Disabled: completely disables fetching. “Superfetch” service is disabled.
  • Applications Only: fetching will only be applied to user started applications.
  • Boot Only: fetching will only be applied to boot files (system files, services and startup programs).
  • Applications & Boot: fetching will be applied to both applications and boot files (Windows default setting for Prefetch and Superfetch).

Even thought disabling superfetch is not recommended users(specially gamers) might want to disable it so that it does not interfere with games and also reduce hard drive trashing. If you feel reluctant then you can set it  to Boot only.

Note: Remember that Clearing the Prefetch folder is NOT Recommended, otherwise your  startup time will be slowed down conserdarbly. Clearing Prefetch option is for advanced users only. Also it is recommended to not Disable Prefetch, since it helps speed up applciation startup during boot.

Download TweakPrefetch

It is a  portable tool and takes only 6MB of system memmory. It works on Windows XP and Windows Vista only.  I tested it on Windows 7 64-bit and it didn’t work.

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