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How to update Discord on Windows 10

Discord, like other apps, goes through multiple versions. Each new version either has more/new features, or it fixes bugs in existing features. Regardless of the nature of the update, it’s a good idea to keep the Discord app up to date. An updated app will be safer and more optimized for your desktop than an out-of-date version.

Update Discord on Windows 10

Discord has a dedicated desktop app for Windows 10. It’s like most other apps for the platform, but there are some differences, e.g., how an update for the app is installed. The good news is, Discord can be updated in-place i.e., you do not have to uninstall the app and then download and install the latest version. The somewhat bad news is that there is no button to click to update the app.

1. Update Discord on launch

Discord is an app that checks for updates automatically when you run it, so if the app isn’t running, you can update it via the following steps.

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Allow the client to check for an update(s).
  3. If updates are available, Discord will download and install them.
  4. When the app has updated, you will see a change log/new features list, and you’ll be able to use Discord to send and receive messages.

2. Update Discord while running

You do not necessarily have to close and relaunch Discord to check for updates. You can check for an update, and install it while the app is still running.

  1. Maximize the Discord app window.
  2. Tap the Ctrl+R keyboard shortcut.
  3. The app’s UI will refresh/reload.
  4. If an update is available, Discord will detect and download it.
  5. When you next open the app, it will install the update.

Discord update fails

Discord normally updates without any problems however, sometimes, it does run into an update loop. You should wait a reasonable amount of time for the app to download and install an update but if it doesn’t update, try these fixes.


Discord doesn’t have an ‘Update’ or ‘Check for update’ button that users can click. Most users encounter an update only when they relaunch the app. The only problem is that many users don’t regularly quit the app or shut their systems down. It gives the impression that a restart is necessary. You should know that an update can take up to five (or more) minutes to download, and additional time to install. If you internet is slow, the download will take much longer.

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