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How to update to Windows 10 1903 now

Windows 10 1903 is finally out. Most users will get it via Windows Updates, at least that’s what Microsoft is advising. The roll out, like all previous roll outs will be gradual which means you may not see the update right away. If you want to update to Windows 10 1903 now, you can download the update app.

Update to Windows 10 1903

This will install the stable version of Windows 10 1903 which will be available via Windows Updates. You will not be downloading a version that is meant for the slow, fast, skip ahead, or release preview channels.

Visit this page. You’ll notice that Microsoft now tells you that the May 2019 update is available. As always, you have the option to upgrade the PC you’re on, or create installation media. To update your current system, click the Update now option.

This will download an app called Windows 10 Update Assistant. The file name will be Windows10Upgrade9252.exe. It downloads within a few seconds.

Before you run this app, go through this post that tells you how to prep for a Windows 10 update. Additionally, remove all external drives that are connected to your system as they will block the update.

Log into Windows 10 with the admin account, and run the app that you downloaded. It will check if everything is okay, and then download the update. The update is a little over 4GB.

Minimize the app and let it download the update in the background. Once the update has downloaded, you will be updated to the next version. The update will take one hour to complete but it can take longer. Sometimes, it can take up to 8 hours.

Installation media

You can also create installation media for the Windows 10 1903 update. You can create either a USB drive or a DVD. The Media Creation tool can be downloaded by visiting the same page linked above. Instead of clicking the Update Now button, click the Download Tool Now button.

This will download the Media Creation Tool version 10.18362.1. Run the app and create the installation media for whichever device it is you want to use. You will also have the option to download the ISO of the new version.

As with any update, things can go wrong. The Windows 10 update is quite stable now. In fact, Microsoft took a little extra time to make sure the bugs discovered at the last minute before the initial roll out date were fixed. Still, it’s a good idea to at least back up your important files even if you don’t create a restore point. As always, you will have a small window of time to roll back to the previous version if the new one is causing problems.

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