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Use NumPad Keys To Position Application Windows With WinNumpad Positioner

We have previously reviewed TicClick – a Windows AeroSnap supported application which lets user easily adjust active application windows to different sides of the screen, it offers 9 positions in total with a small on-screen position adjuster to select the position of the window. Nonetheless, the only downside of TicClick is that it doesn’t offer hotkey combinations for adjusting windows, therefore users have to bring up its adjuster and then select the position. WinNumpad Positioner offers what TicClick doesn’t – simple hotkey combinations to adjust windows quickly. As it name implies, it enables user to dock window at any side through Numpad keys combinations. All the Numpad keys are mapped with the screen positions. You can for instance press Win + 5 to bring active window to center of the screen, using 7 instead 5 will dock the window at upper-left corner.

The application offers absolutely no interface and no configurations to tweak with. After the application is launched, you will see it lying in system tray, indicating that it’s now up and running. Now all you have to do is to start using the hotkey combinations for adjusting windows.

  • Win + 6 to move active window at right-side.
  • Win + 4 to move active window at left-side.
  • Win + 2 to dock down the active window.
  • Win + 8 to dock up the active window.
  • Win + 9 to move active window at upper-right corner.
  • Win + 1 to move active window at bottom-left corner.
  • Win + 7 to move active window at upper-left corner.
  • Win + 3 to move active window at bottom-right corner.

It’s must be noted here that these combinations only work with Numpad keys. In the screenshot below, you can view application windows adjusted through WinNumpad Positioner.


The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. We successfully tested it on Windows 7 x64 system.

Download WinNumpad Positioner

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