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Verify Outlook File Attachment Before Sending An Email

Have you ever forgotten to attach a file while sending an important email? It happens sometimes when a person is in hurry. Sending an email but forgetting to attach a file can be pretty embarrassing sometimes, particularly when it is send to some important person.

Missing Attachment Powertoy(Download directly from here) is a free plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007 that reminds you to attach a file before an email is send. It scans for all words and phrases in your email that would indicate an attachment, if it detects any such word or phrase and does not find any attachment, it will bring up a dialog box for confirmation and also give you an option to revise the message before sending it forward.

outllok attachment confirmation

You can select which words or phrases should indicate it to be an attachment depending on your personal email habits. To change any such words or to add more to the list, go to Tools > Options and select Missing Attachment tab.

missing attachment options

It is simple, small, and an absolutely must-have plugin for Outlook. Enjoy!

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