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How To Split Your Firefox Screen To Make Space For More Content

If you use Firefox and are looking to increase your productivity, then this tip is for you. Split Browser is a free add-on for Firefox that splits your screen to make space for more content. It is suitable for those users who have large screens, i.e screens larger than 19” or those who have high desktop resolutions.

Note: Split Browser is quite an old Firefox add-on, I am reviewing it here for those users who haven’t heard about it before and for for those who don’t know how to use it.

It only splits the content area, not the whole browser. You can open tabs in new content window, just right-click the tab, select ‘Split Tab To’ and then select the area where you would like to split.

opening tab in new window

If you have multiple tabs, you can select to split them all by clicking ‘Tile All Tabs’.

split browser preivew

It can split the screen both vertically and horizontally, you can select how you want to view it by going to Split tab.

split browser tab

Below is an example of screen split both in vertical and horizontal position.

screens split horizontal and vertical

There are various useful options which help in customizing the add-on to your personal need. You can configure the General settings, Appearance, Combination options, and Menu.

Split Browser Configuration

It is a simple, easy-to-use, and powerful add-on. There are other similar screen splitting plug-ins out there, but Split Browser stands out from the rest and includes the most functionalities. Enjoy!


  1. The “split screen” Addons for Firefox are all bad. There is no pure split screen addon. I assume the Firefox architecture doesn’t allow for it. I always enjoyed Maxhon’s REAL split screen feature. Just hit F10 and you have a vertical split screen straight down the middle. With Firefox, obtaining a split screen with an Addon is just too much of a hassle.

    • Sorry, I forgot to write the versions it is currently compatible with : 2.0 – 3.1b2pre

      The developer is working for 3.1b3 and should be out any time, so keep an eye on this add-on.

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