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Download Snow Leopard Theme Folders For Mac OS X

Yesterday I wrote about 10 Awesome Mac OS X Snow Leopard Wallpapers, today I will share a Snow Leopard Theme Folders pack for your Mac OS X. This pack contains 46 icons at 512 x 512 px each and includes both iContainer and PNG formats. You can use these icons to replace the default icons in your Mac OS X operating system. This will give your folders a more catchy look.

Update: The original Snow Leopard Folders theme is lost because the author Choas45 deleted his DeviantArt account. If anyone can find the original copy, please let us know in the comments. In the meantime we bring you another complete makeover of Snow Leopard with “A Dark Theme” and “Black OS X Snow Leopard”, by FreeTheLiamas and LevantixnLynx, respectively.

Snow Leopard Theme Folders

A Dark Theme brings a complete makeover of Mac OS X Snow Leopard – complete from top to bottom. You will find a complete redesign of menu bar, iTunes, boot screen, login screen, system and apps. It can also apply theme to Firefox if you prefer using it over safari browser which comes pre-installed with Snow Leopard.

A Dark Theme is not a one click theme installer, instead it is a step by step process to give every part of the OS a new look and feel. You will have to follow the guide listed by FreeTheLiamas to give your operating system a complete makeover.

Black OS X Snow Leopard is a theme that can be installed easily but it will only work on Snow Leopard version 10.6.8. If you have any other version of Mac OS X, then it is not guaranteed to work. This theme, as the name states, gives your desktop a blackish yet attractive look which is probably what many users want to distinguish their appearance.

Get A Dark Theme

Download Black OS X Snow Leopard Theme

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