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How to view battery percentage for Bluetooth devices on Windows 10

Windows 10 very recently added a panel for checking the battery percentage for Bluetooth devices. This panel leaves a lot to be desired. It is exceptionally restricted so that you do not get the battery percentage for most devices. Exceptionally common devices like the Surface pen, or a pair of Beats headsets will make the cut but little else will. For a one-size fits all solution, we recommend using Bluetooth Battery Monitor. It is by no means a free app but it’s modestly priced at $5.99 for a single license and it does the job. You can get additional licenses at a lower price.

Battery percentage for Bluetooth devices

Bluetooth Battery Monitor has a trial version that you can install to check if it accurately reports the battery percentage for your devices. Download, install and run the app. You should toggle your Bluetooth On/Off once after installing it.

Connect your Bluetooth device, and click the app’s icon in the system tray to view its battery percentage. If you don’t see the battery percentage for a device, disconnect and reconnect it.

In addition to reporting the correct battery percentage for Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth Battery Monitor can also alert you when your battery is low for a device, and remind you to charge it. By default, it alerts you when your battery is at 25% however, you can go to the app’s settings and change it to whatever value you like. The app also has a dark mode which, visually, is pretty nice.

Bluetooth Battery Monitor isn’t a new app. It’s been around for a long time and it’s unique. There aren’t any other apps that compare to it. I’ve personally had my eye on it for a while but it wasn’t reporting battery percentages for my devices. Clearly, the app has been updated to support more devices and it now works flawlessly with every single Bluetooth device I own.

If you find the app isn’t working, you can submit a report with the developer and tell them which device the app isn’t working for. The app is in active development so support will eventually be added barring any technical limitations with the device. Remember to start with the trial version to see if it works for your devices.

Microsoft needs to step it up. This is a third-party app that has consistently been doing something Windows 10 (and Windows 7 & 8) should be able to do out of the box. The current support for battery percentage for Bluetooth devices is poor to say the least.

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